We started our company by looking around at some dog clothing suppliers, particularly dog t-shirts and cute coats on which we could print our compelling designs. What we found was a bunch of very mediocre-quality products, mass produced primarily in China, catering to the big box, big chain retailers.

We wanted to support our local, North American economy and had a very difficult time finding goods that were produced on our own continent. So we did what any enterprising dog t-shirt company would do: we put together a team of local knitters, cutters and assemblers, and started making our own! We also noticed a lack of dog clothing designed to fit larger sized dogs; everything seemed to be made for small dogs. We made a decision to manufacture our dog t-shirts and hoodies in sizes up to 5XL because big dogs need clothes too!

We’ve had tremendous success in Canada and the US, as well as the UK, Australia, and even throughout Asia! Our products are sold exclusively to independent pet and gift shops, and are never produced or sold for mass comsumption.

Pet owners love our quality and catchy prints; pets like our well tailored smooth looking duds that let them show off their personality. And retailers love making their owners and 4 legged friends happy. Yellow Hydrant Clothing Co. is a Win-Win-Win situation.

We’ve taken sweatshop free to a whole new level!

Our Production Process